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About Us

Enter an entire world of technology that spawns beyond your imagination. Enter Merlin Digital.

At Merlin Digital, our goal is to consistently go beyond the final frontier of innovation, to constantly evolve and to achieve a higher level of understanding tapped into our customer’s needs. Our ever expanding variety of lifestyle products, gadgets and other wizardry is at the forefront of electronics, and features some of the fastest growing segments in Consumer Electronics, all backed by Merlin Quality Assurance and industry leading warranty and support.

Our latest gadgets Include

  • 3D projectors shrunk to not only fit into your pocket but also to fit the budget of your wallet.
  • Universally Compatible Wifi pen drives eliminating the requirement of I tunes for your apple gadgets empowering to share the files over wirless network on various OS platforms
  • Audio conduction headphones that allow you to hear thru your ear bones keeping your ears free and open.
  • Waterproof sound box / headphones to empower you to enjoy the music in the rain
  • 3 in one Power bank that charges with a hand dynamo, solar as well as electric power to ensure that you never run out of power.
  • Stylish time pieces with the power of GSM phone and an Android tab packed for your wrist.

The Interport Goup headed by Mr. Sohel Kazani has partnered with the Merlin group head quartered in UAE and have appointed M/s Excel Systems as their exclusive distributors for Mumbai to launch Merlin from 16th July 2014.

You may visit the entire range on which is the global website and the range with which we are commencing sales on ""

We have now look forward to share our innovative gadgets and experience with the Indian Market to dazzle our audience with the magic of our products. Our Indian Representatives are Miracle Digital based out of Mumbai consisting of a team of experienced entrepreneurs in distribution of electronics, import / export and logistics and supply chain management.

The first set of products are ready to hit the market, the list of which is attached with the prices and power point presentation which we hope you will like. We look forward for your support and effort and would appreciate your feedback as the mantra of success in today’s world is teamwork.

For Miracle Digital (Part of Interport Group) Sohel F Kazani and Irshad Siddiqui

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